Out of Sight. Out of Mind

The movie going experience is an unusual one.  People go to the movies to be entertained,  to escape reality and, in the case of Hidden Figures, for inspiration.



In 1961 three woman Katherine Goble (Taraji P Henson), Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae`) and Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer) are working for NASA as part of the program to be the first to send a man into outer space.  Each woman must overcome prejudice to achieve respect and dignity in a time when such did not exist for them.



The journey of all narratives is to tell a highly entertaining story which captures the imagination and attention of the viewer.  From the very first scene the viewer is thrust into early 1960’s United States.  Theodore Melfi – the Director – re-creates the period with such charm and conviction that one expects to step out of the movie theatre into a world of capri pants and horned rimmed glasses.  Thank goodness Melfi turned down Spiderman: Homecoming to helm this project.


The cast also provide powerful performances.  Taraji P Henson and Octavia Spencer both turn in solid outings .  However, the standout would have to be Janelle Monae.  Out of all three actresses, Janelle Monae steals every scene she is in. Like Kanye West on stage at a Taylor Swift concert, Monae not only commands the screen but punches it in the face and body slams it.  Its a wonder that she hasn’t had more acting experience when compared to her other two leads.


The narrative itself is not only moving but thought provoking as well.  As with most Hollywood productions the truth has been bent slightly for dramatic purposes.  For example, some of the events portrayed actually occurred prior to the 1961 setting of the film.  However, unlike an episode of Bear Grylls’ Man Vs Wild, Hidden Figures seems to somehow tell a genuinely moving story whilst grounding it in enough “reality”to make it believable to the casual viewer.



Hidden Figures is a delight from start to finish, that will not leave a dry eye in the theatre.  To think that only 50 years ago segregation  was alive and well in some states of the USA brings a chill to the  spine.  We should be encouraged that films like Hidden Figures flash a bright light on scenarios that should never be repeated.

I give this 4 out 5 chillies. So spicy that my black brother from another mother may have to take it with some fried chicken.


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