Who you going to call……maybe these girls.

You know the thing about reboots is that if it sucks, and the original was excellent, then you have the first film to fall back on.  Thank goodness we have the original.



By no means is this a bad picture, as I have definitely seen worst in my time (here’s looking at you Jonah Hex), but this is not exactly a great one either.



Dr. Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) is a doctor of physics seeking professorial tenure at Columbia University in New York, when she is approached by Ed Mulgrave (Ed Begley Jr.) asking for help regarding a paranormal sighting at an old mansion, whom he is caretaker for.  He states that he has tried the authorities and found no one willing to help, and heard about her through an old book on the paranormal, that she had published many years ago with her then friend, Dr. Abbey Yates (Melissa McCarthy).

Fearing that she will be laughed out of Columbia, and will not be tenured as a professor, she approaches Abbey to take the book down from the internet asap.  Abbey is happy to do this, if Erin allows her and a fellow colleague, Dr. Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), along to investigate the paranormal sighting at the mansion. Erin agrees and shenanigans ensue.


Joined by Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones), as a train toll collector whom has an encyclopaedic knowledge about New York history, and Kevin Beckman (Chris Hemsworth), the very handsome (but very dimwitted) secretary, the four ladies (and one male) go about cleansing the city of the undead, and trying to stop Rowan North (Neil Casey), an occultist, from unleashing the Apocalypse.



This movie had a lot going for it.  Great all female cast, a very competent director (Paul Feig), and an awesome piece of nostalgia that was part of many a childhood growing up.  And for the first half of the movie that is what you get.  Paul Feig working his magic with his usual star Melissa McCarthy. The narrative flowing smoothly and drawing the audience to become emotionally invested with the characters. Also, the chemistry between the ladies helping to sell the authenticity of the predicament that New York and potentially the world would find themselves in.


However, things begin to drag at the halfway point.  Following the capture of the quartets first ghost at a rock concert, proceedings go steadily down hill.  Whether Paul Feig, in penning the script, had word finding difficulties because he couldn’t pepper every second sentence with profanity, or maybe the over the top hamminess of Kate McKinnon, or even the very dull climactic battle between the girls and the ghosts – Ghostbusters finishes the race more at a crawl than at full pelt.

Even the series of cameos from most of the original cast members of the 1984 movie cannot energise proceedings enough to not be a little bit bored of it all by the end.




As stated before, Ghostbusters is not a bad movie, but not exactly a great movie either. Even though it tries to capture the fun and frivolity of the original, and to a certain extent succeeds, the new crew in the end never had………..a “Ghost”of a chance (cue the groans for bad puns).

I give this 2.75 out of five chillies…….not quite spicy enough.  Maybe wait for the blu-ray or digital download.























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