Central Kinda Intelligent

What do you get when you cross a little Hart and a Big Johnson.  Central Intelligence.

This super dumb but kinda fun movie has little on story but plenty on chemistry between its two wonderful leads.



The film opens 20 years ago in 1996 where we find both of our characters at the final pep rally of school.  The Rocks character – Robert Wheirdicht (pronounced Weird  – dick) is an over weight loner who is the ridicule of the school.  Kevin Harts character – Calvin Joyner – is the most popular guy in the school and most likely to succeed in life.

Fast forward twenty years and Calvin Joyner (CJ) is stuck in a dead end job as an accountant whilst The Rock is now a 6ft 6 inch super spy with less than 5% body fat.  From then on shenanigans abound as The Rock tries to recruit Hart and his super accounting skills to track down the bad guy.



As stated before, Central Intelligence is very thin on plot but very thick on chemistry between the leads.  The pairing of the Rock and Kevin Hart injects such a fun filled atmosphere into the film that you can almost forgive the cliche and paint by the numbers plot as the two team up to take down the bad guy called the………..wait for it……..The Black Badger.

This is probably as A-grade as a B-grade movie will get.

Rawson Marshall Thurber (of the far superior Dodgeball fame) keeps things moving at a fast pace and glosses over any of the acting performances and choppy editing.  Which is exactly what you want to see.  Just the two leads riffing off one another. 9 times out 10 it seems to work



Central Intelligence may not be big on intellect but it is big on laughs and stupid dumb fun.  So if you want to escape reality and enjoy the bromance between Kevin Hart and The Rock then I highly recommend this movie.

Overall, the score is 3/5 chillies.

Golden Jet…..Golden Jet…..Golden Jet.
















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