A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy NOT so far away

The wait is over. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here.  This seventh installment in the epic Science Fantasy Space Opera explodes onto our screens in a magnificent way.

Star Wars 3

The JJ Abrams directed blockbuster completely wipes away the putrid pile of waste matter that were The Prequels and sets the Star Wars franchise back to “stay on target” for future entries.



From the opening scene with Po Damaran to the final scene with a familiar face The Force Awakens does not disappoint.


We pick up the story 30 year after the events from Return of the Jedi.  Luke Skywalker has vanished and the successor to the Galactic Empire, The First Order are looking for a map that will lead them to Skywalker and the destruction of the Jedi once and for all.

Enter the cool suave Po Damaran and his trusty droid sidekick BB8.  Po entrusts the map to BB8 to get it to the Resistance (which is what the rebellion are being called now)

Star Wars 2

Yep……..if this sounds a little like Episode 4: A New Hope then you are right.  However, this does not detract from the film but offers a comfort for the millions of Star Wars fans who have been waiting for us to get back to what the original films were all about. Telling good compelling stories which we can emotionally invest in.

Unlike the Prequels where everybody acted with a wooden pole up there butts, The Force Awakens recaptures people committing to their character.  Only Carrie Fisher returning as “General Organa”acts like she has been carved out of a tree.

The Characters:

The main characters of this new installment are Rey played by Daisy Ridley

Star Wars 7

and Fin played by John Boyega.

Star Wars 8

One of the best aspects of these two newbies is the chemistry they have with one another.  One can truly believe that these two may end up in a romance in future episodes.

And don’t knock the action sequences.  One of the best things about the prequels (if any) were the action sequences especially the lightsaber fights.  The Force Awakens does not disappoint.  From a small group of X-wings fighting an angry hornets nest of Tie Fighters to the lightsaber clashes between Kylo Ren and Rey/Finn you will be very satisfied.  JJ Abrams fills the screen with so much activity that repeated viewings are necessary to take it all in.


I would highly recommend this film for the young and young at heart.  Star Wars is a great film for all generations.  Although not as good as The Empire Strikes Back as my all time favourite Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens is a welcome addition into the canon.

I give this movie a rating of 4 out 5 chillies.

Only have to wait 18 months for Episode 8. Woo Hoo!!!!!












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