Marvels female superhero….not so super?!?

What do you get when Wonder Woman becomes a messed up, boozing, selfish, dark individual……Jessica Jones!


Welcome to other side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The dark underbelly where only scum and villainy abound.

Jessica Jones 2

Here there is no flashy spangly costumes, or god like individuals only a broken woman trying to survive after being violated by an individual who controls minds.

Kristen Ritter is fantastic as the broken and washed out Jessica Jones in an absolutely wonderful adaptation of the comic book.  We are presented with a hero who is probably closer to an anti-hero than a true do gooder because of her past run in with The Purple Man.  The villain of the piece.  The man who can control you with his voice.

Jessica Jones 4

David Tennant is also wonderful as Kilgrave – the Purple Man.  Every time he is on screen you never want him to leave.  He makes such a compelling performance that he may possible be one of the best villains we have seen in the MCU next to Loki and Kingpin.

Jessica Jones 5

The interplay between Ritter and Tenant provides much of the drama and tension.  Both are broken and damaged and both are trying to find some kind of peace from each other.  Jessica wanting to be free of the pain and nightmares that haunt her from her period of being controlled by Kilgrave and Kilgrave wanting the love and affection of the woman whom got away from him.

Secondary Characters:

Jessica Jones 3

Other notable characters are Mike Colter as Luke Cage and Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker.  Both are very serviceable and add to a very memorable television series.

Overall Impression:

If you haven’t seen Jessica Jones Season 1 I highly recommend it.  It has tension, drama, action and characters that you care about.

Overall, I give this tv show a chilli rating of 4.75 out 5 chillies. Very spicy indeed!!



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