Taste the difference!!!

Taste food festival

Most of us when we eat food usually have something bland in mind.  Mushy peas, toast with Vegemite or chicken soup.  We really can be very uninspiring people in the kitchen.

Not so at the Taste Food Festival held at Albert Park in Melbourne over the 12th – 15th November.

Big taste

Melbourne turned out a fabulous day on Friday 13th.  Usually associated with bad luck.  This day was absolutely wonderful.

I strolled along with my girlfriend wandering around the different stalls that were on offer.  We first had to exchange our cash for the currency of the festival which were called “Crowns”.  The exchange rate was $1=1 Crown.


From Mexican to Spanish to Greek to contemporary Australian there was so much going on at Taste.

Soft Shell Crab

The first food that we tasted was a soft shell crab.  Wonderfully delicious and tasty.  This was a very popular dish and was being consumed faster than Dr. Edelstein going through dumb blondes.


I then tried the prawn.  Superb.  I think I am running out of superlatives for the type of food that was on offer.

We then walked around a little more and sat in on a chef demonstrating the making of a ceviche. Pity we couldn’t get to taste it.

Overall Impression:

Fabulous day out. Great food. Good stalls. Great company. Would highly recommend the Taste Festival for next year to anyone.

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