The World is not Enough?!?

My first post is to talk about the Faith Based Movie: War Room


War Room is about a young family who are struggling with their marriage and the wife’s journey Elizabeth Jordan (played Priscilla Shirer) from fear to faith via the help of a spirit filled Christian, Miss Clara Williams (played by Karen Abercrombie – definitely the best part of the film) and how, through the power of prayer, Elizabeth saves her marriage and saves herself.

My Impression:

This movie by the Kendrick Brothers is very much in the same vein as their previous movies.  Heavy on the sap and very heavy on the faith.  If you are a person of faith then this will appeal to you.  If you are not.  Then you may roll your eyes to the point where you get dizzy at the schmaltz and cheese.

Much like a Hallmark channel movie, War Room paints a simple picture of a family on the verge of breaking down.  The husband (played by TC Stallings) almost surrendering to his temptations, the wife critical of her husband and neglecting her 10 year old daughter, the daughter feeling unloved and not receiving the attention she craves.  How do you fix a problem like this.  Enter Miss Clara Williams.  The sassy septuagenarian with a spring in her step and a sing in her pep talk encounters Elizabeth Jordans life and changes it forever.  Clara believes and teaches Elizabeth that the best way to fight is to fight right not fight with might and introduces Elizabeth to her War Room.  A simple closet space in her house in which Clara spends time praying to achieve success in her struggles.

11110867_1620671658164413_1851224580466481137_nAlex Kendrick seems to excel in his simplistic telling of tales and use of emotional cues.  Everything about the movie is packaged with this in mind.  Do not expect a deep, thought provoking insight into the psyche of a married couple disintegration but a very relatable tale of a wife seeking answers to what is unfortunately a common issue, even amongst couples of faith.  This can be a two edged sword.  Alex Kendrick relies heavily on situation driven story as opposed to development of character and so most of the people on the screen come across as two dimensional and lack an emotional connection you as an audience member would want.  On the plus side, if you are a person of faith, this will definitely inspire you to seek God in prayer more than rely on your own understanding in dealing with lifes issues.

My advice to those thinking of going to see this movie.  If you’re a person of faith I recommend seeing this in the cinema and supporting a Christian Independent Movie.  If you’re not of faith I still recommend seeing this but probably on VOD or some other streaming service.

In conclusion, I give this movie a 2.5/5.  Not as good as Fireproof but not as bad as some mainstream garbage I have had the displeasure to see (Fantastic Four anyone!?!?). 


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